About Us

We are two giant kids who decided to start a business after having several other careers.  We owned a storefront, brick and mortar, version of Skeletons out of the Closet for four years in Wichita, KS.  After four years of barely breaking even, it came time to thrown in the towel and take the show online and on the road.  You can find us at various conventions and festivals throughout the country several times a year.

The store originally was designed to have a social work outreach component and our inventory was strictly handmade, repurposed and upcycled home décor, jewelry and local artwork.  For the first few months in business we were able to hire individuals who normally find it difficult to find work.  We hired a few homeless gentlemen and an autistic man to help us rebuild and refinish furniture.  One of our employees, with our help and a few paychecks, was able to successfully get off the street permanently.  And even though this was the whole purpose for starting the business we quickly figured out that we would not be able to financially continue to have employees, but it remained a goal of ours to hopefully someday return to helping vulnerable populations.

Another thing that changed within our first year of business was the nature of our inventory.  Customers began calling us the "Wichita Oddities Store" so we decided that maybe we should actually get some oddities and antiques to sell.  It's still a mystery to me as to why we were considered an oddities vendor since most of our inventory was crafts, artwork and furniture.  Eventually we added clothing and accessories and basically anything that was difficult to find in Kansas.

What you will find here on our online store is everything that we sold in the store except furniture.

On a side note:  Since we are a small business we aren't able to carry large quantities of inventory and as a result we may not have the size you need or the necklace you saw the last time you checked the website.  We will try our best to keep popular items in stock, but there are a few vendors we buy from that don't make large quantities of inventory to buy, and I may not be able to reorder the items or sizes we run out of. Until we grow and are able to remedy this issue, I would suggest if we have it in stock and you love it then buy it because you may not get another chance.